Security Measures of Windows 10 IoT Core

Win 10 IoT Update System

There are some interesting things here in the news we’ve heard about lately with security. Most of the WebCams that people have in their nursery at home, like a lot of those IP cameras, are not secured by default. There is a search engines like cam hackers or something like that for open WebCams and IP cameras on the net. There has been instances where people been able to control other people’s thermostats and get into the house and do all sorts of other things. Because these connected devices in areas that we’ve had so far haven’t had security built in the very core of it. By using low-power devices that don’t support encryption these security threats do exist.

You can get some of the experiences Microsoft had through the years with enterprise customers in security using Windows 10 IoT core. You can get Bitlocker with win 10 IoT, encryption algorithms and tools. MS is building upon years of experience. Folks knock MS on security all the time just as they are such a huge target. Windows has such a large footprint out there, but with all that security stuff they have been doing, they’ve learned a few things from all those. If Windows is solid enough to run an ATM, that is probably going to be solid enough to run on an IoT device.

And that’s very important as we start doing things like uploading pictures and talking to a company about the robots that can take photos and stuff. All those photos have a privacy implication and you have to make sure that you can do things like that and have certificates and stuff to be able to communicate with the cloud without having issues with that.

The security updates in Win 10 IoT

Now one of the things that Microsoft did in Windows 10 based on the past experiences in security and consumers and stuff is they push out security updates constantly and the update mechanism is active by default. Microsoft wants to make sure that people keep their PCs updated simply because otherwise they become vulnerable and it shows up in the news and they get their data stolen, you know it’s not good for anyone. If you do not updating regularly, you are not secure and that’s the fundamental thing in an IoT device.

Win 10 IoT now supports Windows update as part of the IoT core just like to PC. Windows update software gets the latest updates for IoT core and brings them down and apply them to the windows IoT core device.  So if you’re Internet connected, you’re going to get updates, but not everybody necessarily wants, hopefully there are some other options available. You can join the OEM program which gives you access to IoT Pro that let you all the control of the update process.

If you are not connected to the Internet, the security issues are much less, don’t go away totally, but much less.