What is Microsoft doing for the IoT Industry?

Microsoft and the IoT Industry

Microsoft wants to look like a big player in this industry and they are developing tools and softwares like Windows 10 IoT core, Azure IoT and even Universal Windows Platform or UWP. They want the tools to be cross platform to attract users from segments they were not targeting before, but with the new management at the company, they are seeking new areas in the market that were not important or on the list before. We have a lot of content and introductions to cover today and you want to make sure why we are going through all that.

What will be discussed in this series of IoT articles?

We are to start off next with Universal Windows platform, because it is the key to understand what Microsoft is doing on the IoT core. It was the big innovation that was delivered in windows 10 that enabled this entire IoT offering of course. Then from there we will go through the IoT core products. We do not want to talk about big embedded products that essentially run on the desktop and mobile. After that will do Azure IOT which is targeting some cross-platform clients as they do not want it to be just about Windows because people use Linux on different boards like raspberry Pi and also Arduino is very popular nowadays. They want users to connect those types of devices to Azure IoT of course. Then we walk talk about Arduino wiring which is available in windows 10. Windows wants to be the Arduino sort of thing operating system for developing and there is some demonstration on the Node.JS tools.

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Microsoft IoT and Arduino Platform in Windows 10

Now there are some interesting things you can do with an actual physical Arduino and Windows 10. Windows Remote Arduino is about executing your code in Windows but having the Arduino doing the hardware and the bit twiddling or the other way around. Windows can be the shields and you can have your code running on the Arduino and you use a Windows 10 device a sensor package or display. It is a great way to use Microsoft technology without having to be a Windows programmer and just be able to enhance the Arduino world. To me that’s very interesting, because it is very unusual for us. You don’t have to learn Windows program writing and it makes Arduino development more interesting.

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