It was embedded, now they call it IoT

embedded and IoT devices

What is IoT and Why it’s important?

There are lots of different perceptions in the industry about what IoT means. Some people think IoT means unlocking the door with your phone or just getting temperature information or things like this.

To IoT is more expansive than just watching your phone and see what the temperature is in the house. The devices have to be intelligent and they might need to interact with their environment as well as interacting with people. When you type those three things (Internet of Things) together and have an intelligent system that can react and do things that benefit you, that’s really what we think about an IoT device.

Getting the larger picture there

That is a good way to look at the larger picture. There are devices out there that are like a baby monitor with the baby lying right in front of the mother and the mother is staring at the phone like getting information off their baby at the time. We hope there are waterproof sensors on the kit though!

IoT is more about what you do with that data. The baby monitoring device itself is really intelligent in gathering heart rate and breathing, but what you do with that data once you’ve got it.

Embedded devices are dumb, IoT is cool

IoT itself is not something that is new. It was called embedded while ago and nobody cared about it and when the term was changed to IoT everybody thought it was pretty cool. Most people don’t realize when you take cash out of the ATM, it’s actually an embedded Windows device, because it doesn’t look like Windows. It doesn’t say Microsoft on it anywhere because it’s an embedded device.

That is kind of what is led into a lot of IOT devices. Those same technologies out there on shop floors, where they have done automation for decades, are now doing more intelligent things to optimize the process by analyzing the data in the cloud. IoT devices do not have to be bare boards with wires hanging off them. They can get releasing data from phones, tablets, PCs. They can also be controlled by iPads and android devices.

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