Why custom build quadcopters are way better than commercial ones

custom build quadcopter

Welcome to the tutorial series covering how to build a quadcopter. The first section of this tutorial is about how to actually build the thing and actually get to fly it with your typical transmitter and in the second part, you learn about programming and using various sensors and doing fun stuff with Python. You will learn more about the Raspberry Pi and python and how to incorporate them with the quad copter, but first you need a quad copter.

The first question you may ask is why I should build a quad copter as opposed to going to a store and buying one ready to fly. By all means, if you want to go a store and buy one, go for it, but there are a few reasons why you would want to do that yourself. First of all when you are tinkering with something you are highly likely to break it, fry it and with a quad copter crash it.

So if you custom build a quad copter, replacing parts, fixing parts, upgrading parts and all that is just way easier for you. Custom build is way better in that manner as opposed to just buying a commercial quad copter.  Although commercial quad copters come with proprietary parts, but if you break those parts you have to go to that one person who sells those parts and it’s a hustle and also monopoly means a lot of extra money for that. If you custom build a quadcopter costs will be lower. Nowadays even sizes and hole sizes that are punched in the frames are standardized, so if you break it, you can replace and swap out parts and upgrade parts on the fly with other compatible parts.

Also custom building helps to use your circuits you drawn and your own transmitter and you can use that transmitter across 5 or 6 quadcopters and it really doesn’t matter. The reality is custom building a quad copter is really challenging and there is a lot of stuff you have to learn in a really short period of time. If you are just entering into the world of quad copters you may not even know that the propeller spin in different directions, but that’s Ok. You learn new things as you move on.

The next part of this tutorial is about the supplies that you need and making decisions about what you are looking for in order to know what parts to buy. For example the first question that you may have is what size of quad copter frame you should you get. Right now 250 is the most popular size, but many people are also buying 210 or bigger ones like 525.

When the frame is big, the propellers are very big and motors are pretty strong and the quad can also causes a lot of damage when it hits something. It’s even more challenging to fly the bigger ones. If you are thinking about doing photography, bigger quad copters are more stable.